Thursday, July 30

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Sundö, 14:30


I got up at 8:30 and went to the sauna to begin writing an essay that occurred to me on Tuesday. I wanted to write it because it continues an argument from where I left it in my thesis.

Writing this has three benefits. I won’t forget the argument, nor the reading that triggered it. I will prepare myself for my defence. I will demonstrate, to my own satisfaction at least, that I have more to say on the topics the thesis covers; that it contains seams that I have yet to mine.

Irma slept on, and we had a late brunch when she woke up. We decided that we will return to Helsinki tomorrow when Naa finishes work, because the weather here will allegedly consist of rain and thunder.

In the early afternoon Irma mowed the grounds, including the areas in front of the house. I moved the electricity cables as she passed by them.

Now, wandering around, I am looking at an empty glove, wondering to whom it belongs. Naa is in the field and it can’t be hers if only because she would notice that she was only wearing one glove

Later, when she is back, the first of the storms will arrive. There will be a sudden downpour that drums loudly on the roof. It will last twenty or thirty minutes before settling down to mere heavy rain.

I will discover that it was Naa’s glove. 

I had overlooked the possibility that she wasn’t using any gloves at all, and this one had dropped out of her pocket as she headed for the fields at 8:45 this morning.

This is why I am not a private detective.