Wednesday, July 29

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Sandholmsudden, 17:15


I slept badly yesterday and was tired today. I got less done than I intended.

Naa worked on the fields all day with Lilly and they both came, at the end of work, to deliver a big bunch of freshly picked onions.

Now we are at the market to buy fish and vegetables. Camilla has these outside her stall for decoration. When I first saw them in the field a few days ago I had no idea what they were, but now I do. They are onion flowers. They are what happens if you leave onions in the ground without picking them.

I will chat with Ville and Margit, who have boated from Porvoo in approximately eighty minutes. Irma and I will have coffee and egg sandwiches.

When we get home, we will have smoked salmon, potatoes and avocado.