Monday, July 20

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Falcon Road, London, 09:30


I have walked out of the Travelodge wondering what I should have for breakfast and I have crossed the road thinking that I might have a full English breakfast.

For the second time in as many days there is fire engine outside the gym, and all the gymnasts are outside on the pavement. I look over and pick up a handy household hint.

I decide against a fried breakfast, buy a newspaper, and return to the hotel. Instead I will have an early lunch at a pie and mash shop in, I think, Lavender Hill; a place that I noticed last night as we walked to the trendy postfight bar.

My plane departs at 16:00, and so I need to get to Heathrow by about 14:00. I will dawdle in Marks & Spencer buying foodstuffs to take home, and then return and pack.

The train to Victoria takes seven minutes, the tube takes about thirty five, and so I will arrive at the airport early.

The plane will be delayed fifteen minutes, and then we will sit on the runway for a further forty minutes.

I will arrive in Helsinki about fifty minutes late but Irma will drive up about two minutes after I arrive at our usual meeting point.

I will be surprised and genuinely impressed.