Tuesday, July 14

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The house, 21:15


I woke first this morning and was in the sauna house writing when Naa came in to wash, on her way to work in the fields.

After breakfast the sun came out and we decided to do two loads of washing. I filled the buckets from the well and off we went.

While this was happening Irma washed dishes and I cut a newly growing tree down from the middle of the ditch that Auo always called “the river”.

When Naa finished work, and the rain had held off long enough for the washing to dry, we put it away and left to drop some rubbish in the bins and then visit Ville and Margit.

They were not at home so we did some detours and drove home. 

We walked to the ice-cream kiosk by the ferry for the first time this summer. It is now run by Erika and the range of ice-cream balls has increased and improved dramatically.

Over dinner we planned the next week and came up with a plan that suited everybody.

Now it has got very chilly and I am in the front room retaking a photo I originally took on Sunday. 

Can I improve the tonal range? Yes I can!