Monday, July 13

YEAR:  2015 | Tags:  | | |


Gamla Laradhustorget, Borgå, 15:25


It is difficult sometimes to retain faith in the simple fact that mental processes take the time they take, but I try to. This morning I got up, went to the sauna house and, without thinking about it, sat down and sketched out a draft script for my thesis defence. I have attempted this every other day since the beginning of June without any success. Today it just poured out.

Irma and I both got up shortly after 9:30 but Naa stayed asleep until 11:00, despite a young sqirrel that was running upon and down the roof of her hut and jumping onto a branch and jumping off onto the roof again.

After brunch we left for Borgå. Mika arrived just before we left intending to affect a more permanent fix to the collapsing floor. We raced to the ferry, leaving him drill in hand at the door.

We have walked around the centre of Borgå for an hour or more and now we are in the Old Town. It has rained very hard and now it has stopped as suddenly as it started. 

I spot a woman facing the wall. She is compleyely motionless for at least ten minutes.

While the others are shopping I stand in the market square and wait curiously until eventually she turns and walks away, I will discover that she was been leaning against the wall writing a postcard.

After stopping to sample chocolate truffles at Brunberg we will have a buffet at Oishi Sushi, where we will all eat until we can scarcely move. We will then walk very slowly back to the car.

On the way home I will ask about Sondby and we will drive to look at it. It will be a strip of summer houses hidden inside a tall and very gloomy pine forest. 

Kråko will turn out to be much more interesting when we explore this on the drive back. We will be puzzled why, despite having two schools, it doesn’t seem to have any kind of shop.

When we get home the kitchen floor will feel stronger than it has ever felt. Whatever Mika did to fix it, he fixed it very well.