Friday, July 3

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Seitlax, 15:00


Naa went to work an hour early, because tomorrow is market day, and a lot of vegetables need to be picked and got ready.

I got up when Naa left and went through the email Pia had sent. I did this slowly and thoroughly because I have no intention of prolonging this very necessary final process. However, as I said in a mail to Pia, I have now read the thesis so many times that paradoxically I have become blind to it.

After two hours of comparing my older copy with Hanna’s layout I emailed my responses to Pia’s questions and washed my hair.

At about noon Naa returned from work and changed her clothes. The three of us set off for Borgå and dropped Naa at the bus station. She is going to the Stara summer party, and then saying happy birthday to Sampo, and then saying goodbye to him because he is leaving for the army in a few days.

Irma and I drove briefly to Tokmanni and Lidl to replenish our supplies, and then to the village of Seitlax where there is the annual village jumble sale. There are many things on sale, some suitable only for throwing away; but the most unusual is this 1954 tractor in perfect condition.

I will get a couple of books, and Irma will get a piece of very old Arabia crockery and some magazines.

Later we will sit in the garden in amazement. The sun will be blazingly hot but there will be a gale-force wind for several hours. Flowerpots will go flying, and garden seats will be blown away.

The wind will be so strong that it nullifies the sun and we will sit there in the heat shivering.