Tuesday, June 30

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Sundö, 11:40


Sunshine was out all night. Most probably, he was actually in all night: in the big hayloft where there is an endless supply of free mice.
At about 6:00 I woke to the sound of a vehicle moving around the farm, and a few minutes later I heard Sunshine outside the door asking to be let in. I got up and he came straight in, didn’t ask for food, climbed on the bed Auo used to sleep in, and lay down to sleep. A busy night with the mice then.

Naa came on at about 8:15 and had breakfast and then left for her first day of farm work. I dozed from then on until Irma woke about 11:00. Naa had a snack with Camilla and Mika and the other workers, and we had breakfast outside.

The sheep are in the field next to us this week, and some of the older ones are very social. Every time I go near them they trot over to be rubbed or patted.

Later Irma and I will go to Benita’s and then to Anne-Maj’s flower centre. When we get back I will dash to Tirmo to get water and manage to make it back on the same ferry.

The weather will vary wildly, changing every ten or fifteen minutes. I will sit and read in the late morning wearing only shorts. Two hours later I will add a vest and cardigan. Later still there will be a stormy wind, and a sudden drop in temperature, and we will go indoors.

During all this we will pack the car for the market tomorrow and Irma will mow. I will empty the dishwashing house and brush it out, and clean the toilets.

At 20:20 it will suddenly start pouring with rain. I will race to put away the cushions I got out earlier.