Monday, June 22

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Puolimatkanpolku, 18:00


Naa got up and left at about 6:00. Irma got up and left at about 8:30. I got up and stayed at about 9:00.

After Weetabix and a shower, I looked at the summer course. I answered some messages that people had left, and was glad I had. I introduced some new examples and decided that at least two of them ought to be included in the next upgrade of the course. The Blair Witch Project and The 39 Clues might be better examples of transmedia storytelling than the Funkadelic example I used when I recorded the video. I used George Clinton because I had been to see him lecture, and because I didn’t want to suggest that everything had to be based around books or movies.

Maybe I was right the first time. Even if I was the other two examples should be included somewhere.

It had been raining hard, and it started again. Sunshine came in completely drenched for lunch. I had vacuum-cleaned before he arrived, and I cleaned and tidied a bit more while he was asleep on the sofa.

In the afternoon the sky suddenly brightened and the sun came out. I switched to proofreading my thesis one final time, because I had spotted some grammatical errors over the weekend. I decided to sit outside to do it. I have to read it anyway in order to plan my presentation. I can’t afford to get caught out over some reference I cannot remember.

At 17:00 Irma came home and I left for a brisk walk. I walked down past Alepa today and right up to the church. Now I have found the old public water pump, and I am reminded that you don’t see these very often anymore. Even less do you see drinking fountains.

When I get home we will spend the evening in the garden. We will trim hedges, uproot weeds, and more. Naa will arrive home later, having had a massage from Oona, who lives next door and studies in Haaga-Helia.

Irma will make large suppers, and I will go to bed and fall asleep immediately.