Thursday, June 18

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Tirmo, 18:00


I spent a final morning at Arcada, with very few other people. Nathalie was there, and Nicke. Mirko was allegedly in the building, but not visible.

I was glad I was there, because I have now had time to wind things down in an orderly way, without any panic. Yesterday I finished almost everything that needs doing for the summer course, and this morning I finished some backing up and completely cleared my desk.

I went to S-Market to buy some pies for lunch while my hard disk chundered away, and then I took my laptop and left for home. Irma and Naa were there, and we packed the car, put the cat in the box and left for Sundö.

It had been an overcast day and on the way to Porvoo it started raining very hard. Then it stopped again. Now we are at the ferry and this is what it looks like. What it feels like is late September.

We will unpack in the cold and then make up the beds before having a holiday glass of wine. Sunshine will make no effort to go outside at all. Naa will decide to sleep in her hut.

For probably the first time this year I will go to sleep with a thick t-shirt on to keep me warm.