Monday, June 15

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Garden, 18:05


It didn’t actually rain when I left the house but it almost did. I got to the bus stop and realised that the summer schedules started today and all my usual buses were missing. I walked down to Alepa instead.

I spent the morning polishing up the first module of the summer course and checking it all worked. At 11:45 it went live.

I then dealt with a few emails from puzzled or worried students and mailed everyone to explain that you did not have to start today. Everyone has seven weeks to do an estimated 130 hours of work, and only the final deadline is inflexible.

In the afternoon Irma mailed to say she had transferred money for the tent, so I transferred half from my account to hers.

Irma will be seeing Päivi this evening and Naa will be out with Roosa. I therefore left Arcada at 15:10 and got home at 16:00. Sunshine arrived home slightly later than expected at 17:45 and promptly fell asleep.

I am now in the garden tipping things upside down to empty yesterday’s rainwater. The sky has turned bright blue again. I wish it was as hot as it looks!