Thursday, June 11

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Mellunkylä, 17:00


When I went to bed Sunshine was still out, and had not been seen since 6:00. I promised to drink a lot of water and keep getting up in the night to go to the toilet. I got up at 12:30, looked out the back door, saw no cat, and went to the toilet.

I repeated this process at 2:00 and 3:15. I woke up at again at 4:20, had no desire whatsoever to go to the toilet, looked at my watch and realised what time it was, and got up anyway. Sure enough Sunshine was waiting at the door. It came in, asked for food, ate a small amount, and then went to sleep next to Irma.

Wherever it had been it had obviously been fed and eaten enough.

Erik had sent some of his videos, using a route that Mirko suggested. One needed some editing so I did that when I arrived to Arcada, and then finished editing my final movie. By lunchtime I had all my movies, and two of Erik’s ready to go. I had also got the framework up and running on Eliademy.

Monica told me that if I went to the eye-tracking studio and did a 5 minute session I would be given a big bag of tortilla chips and a Santa Maria dip. I went, then and ate them for lunch.

After lunch I worked on the texts for the different modules and started compiling the Explorer’s Packs which will accompany each module. I left thinking that we were still just about on target.

When I got home Irma said that she didn’t really want to pack everything up this weekend and move to Sundö because she still had so much to do here. I have never felt relaxation roll over me so quickly. I immediately understood that what I was thinking I would have to ram into five hours tomorrow could now be done properly over two or three days.

Now I am out for another long and refreshing walk. I have been sitting at a computer all day and I want to see trees and clous. I am in the same area as yesterday but this time I will turn left instead of right when I get past the adult playground.

I am now walking down a long straight path that continues for miles. I will turn left at some point and it will be about fifteen minutes before I am confident that I know exactly where I am.

I will finish my walk by getting two cartons of milk. Later I will shower.

Later still I will go to bed and sleep all night.