Wednesday, June 10

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Mellunkylä, 19:30


It was another warm day and I spent almost all of it working on the summer course. 

Yesterday I had looked at Eliademy and decided that it might be easier to run the course in Its Learning. I tried to set this up and changed my mind. This morning I tried to set the course up again in Eliademy and it was wonderfully simple.

I just had to adjust to their way of thinking and it all started to fall in place.

I had lunch with Liisa in China Flavor, because we needed to work out several plans for autumn. Maria had pointed out that it was sushi day at the buffet, and that had decided the venue. There were also spring rolls, which made it even better.

The afternoon was more of the morning. Erik’s videos failed to artive but even so, by the time I left for home I was convinced, for the first time in days, that we were still on schedule.

Now I am on another long walk and I have stumbled upon a new adult playground in what I think is Mellunkyla. I spend ten minutes on this cross-trainer.

When I get home I will cycle to Prisma for more print cartridges. When I get back I will discover that are not strictly necessary. The printer was not working because Irma’s wifi had been switched off. Once it is switched on printing will start to happen.

The cat has been out all day since Naa let it out at 6:00. It failed to show up when Irma arrived home and it will still not be here by the time we go to bed.