Monday, June 8

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An alley in Vartiokylä, 17:15


I will leave the house in bright sunlight. This was the first morning when it felt as though summer might finally be properly here.

At Arcada I spent most of the day engaged in editing the final videos for the summer course. I decided to adopt a different approach to the final two, and leave myself onscreen for the entire lecture. Not only is this much less effort to produce backdrops for, but it will also allow me to ask students about the two different approaches.

I left the building in the aftermath of a big rain storm. It was not raining but it was cold, dark and wet.

At Vartiokylä the traffic lights were out of action and I danced nimbly through the traffic. Now I am on the other side and walking home down the little passage that has no name. I can see a snail exercising on the freshly wet leaves.

At 18:00 Eija, the Finnish consul in India will arrive for a visit and will stay for several very amusing and very pleasant hours. She is in Finland for a brief holiday before returning to Delhi, packing everything, and moving to her new post in Maputo. Before she leaves she will invite us all to visit her in Spring in Mozambique.

After a strangely energetic Monday evening, we will all go to bed early.