Friday, May 29

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Kamppi metro station, 15:20


I crept out this morning after Naa had left and before Irma had begun today’s session preparing for tomorrow’s party.

I spent the morning supervising two thesis presentations for the Media Managment MA course. I also completed the paperwork for an overdue BA thesis.

I had a lunchtime meeting that involved, according to Amica’s menu, breaded flounder, anna potatoes and vegetable mosaic.

In the afternoon I wrote a bundle of emails and did a thorough weekly back-up. Worryingly, I discovered some files that Dropbox appeared not to have synced. I added this to my list of things to investigate.

Now Naa has phoned me and I am at Kamppi. I am on my way to meet her and help her carry home the cakes she has baked. I will discover her distraught because she has dropped one. Fortunately it will turn out to be repairable.

We will get home without any further disasters to find Irma calmly and methodically midway through the party preparations.

We will have a long evening arranging the rooms; the furniture; the outside terrace; and the crockery and cutlery. I will bring things from Tarkku’s house and go to the shop for extra bananas for a cake that is suffering from a banana shortage.

By the time we go to bed everything that Irma had planned to do today will have been done.