Thursday, May 28

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Aleksanderinkatu, 8:40


I have taken the metro to the centre and I am outside Stockmann about to board a number 4 tram. I will get off at the Scandic Park, where I will meet Erik.

We will spend the morning finalising the remaining plans for the summer course. We will eventually arrive at a set of plans that will surprise both of us. They contain ideas that neither of us had before the meeting began. We will say goodbye happy that the course is now almost completely under control.

I will stop at McDonalds for a quick lunch- a Beef Classic and then go back to Arcada for my final induction session for, with Antonia our personal guide.

Jutta got the big fancy printer working again yesterday, to everyone’s surprise. I will take advantage of this probably-brief window of opportunity to print out another couple of versions of the poster. These will not be A2, but rather reconfigured and resized to fit what appear to be standard frame sizes.

I will race to Habitat and back to get the frame I want, and then assemble it all at Arcada. I will also get a smaller frame for Irma, who want to mount a photograph we bought some time ago. Habitat, I noticed when we were there shortly after it opened, have the best picture frames in Helsinki.

I will meet Naa at Kamppi at 17:00, collect her bike key, and go home. There I will drop of the frames and walk to Puotila where I will collect Naa’s bike and walk it home.

Irma and I will spend the evening in the garden, and then in the house making preparations for Saturday. I will finish with some late-evening ironing and a shower.