Friday, May 22

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A306, Arcada, 12:55


 I left the house in bright sunlight. We interviewed four more applicants.

Jutta and I both had meetings at lunchtime. Mine consisted of an hour long online introduction to administering Lynda Campus with Antonia, our personal liaison.

Now, just before we start interviewing again, I am opening a bar of chocolate Irma and Naa brought back from Split. The wrapper is so good I photograph it and keep it.

At 15:30 we will begin to go through our notes and some time later we will have all the applicants’ scores agreed and entered in the spreadsheet. We will leave for the weekend exhausted.

Naa and Irma will be out doing more preparation when I get home, so I will repaint some of the white on the terrace where it got splashed by the oil. Later, when Naa is back, I will do the ironing that has built up. 

Still feeling the effects of the wine tasting, I will go to bed at 22:00 and sleep for almost twelve hours.