Sunday, May 17

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The Garden, 14:00


This morning I woke up to brilliant sunshine, the third clear day in a row. After I had changed the bed, a habit of mind, I got up and looked at the terrace. It was completely dry, so I moved everything and scraped the flakes of white paint off the floor. Then I went inside and had breakfast.

I decided to go for a long, very rapid walk. I walked to Prisma and then left, over the main road, back along to the gas station and then round the back to home. I then cycled to Prisma to get a few groceries.

Now I am walking round the house, having left the bike at the back. The sun is creating shadow patterns on the cycle shed. They look like unusual abstract paintings.

In a few moments I will start painting the terrace floor. It will take about ninety minutes, because I am being careful and managing to keep the oily black from running onto the white. Well, almost.

At the end Sunshine will be lying on the grass watching me, I will have a headache from the stuff-that-isn’t-paint, the neighbours behind me will be well into a barbecue, and the neighbours on one side will be sitting on their lawn drinking beer and chatting. The sun will be very hot indeed.

I will decide that going inside is silly so, once Sunshine has wandered off, I will walk rapidly to Alepa to get two ciders, and then sit for an hour or so in our garden, thinking and catching the sun.

I will then go in and have another portion of stew before showering and settling down to see how the development of my website is going. Very well, it would appear.

Sunshine will return demanding food and affection, and I will play with him and go to bed.