Tuesday, May 12

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Outside Terminal 2, 15:00


This morning was the penultimate session in the CMS course, and not everyone was present. Some were missing because they had already completed their final projects, and others were ill or claiming to be ill. Those who were there worked hard and by the end of the morning another two projects were finished.

I got a text message from Steve saying “Oh fuck, I have got the dates wrong. I am leaving Helsinki tomorrow not today:” I replied, explaining that I was fully booked today, but inviting him to the Pixelache monthly meeting tonight.

At 13:00 I warmed and ate the lunch I was supposed to warm and eat yesterday. It was delicious.

Irma and Naa are going for a week’s holiday in Split, in Croatia, this afternoon and so I raced home and at 14:20 the three of us drove to the airport. My role in this is to drive the car back home once they have got out.

Now we are at the airport, the luggage is out of the car, and soon they will be walking into Terminal 2 and through security. I say goodbye, get into the car and drive home.

The airport is surrounded by major roadworks, connected to the train link that is opening in the summer, and I will have to concentrate in order to find the correct route onto Ringroad 3. I will not be helped by the sudden downpour of rain.

By the time I get home I will be in no mood to go to a Pixelache meeting. It will still be raining hard and I will fail to find the entertainment value in getting soaked. Both Irma and I have a tendency to take on just one thing too many, and I will decide that tonight’s meeting is exactly that one thing to many.

I will have a long phone conversation with Steve instead. He will be mildly relieved because he is also not a big fan of getting soaked. I will vacuum-clean the house, which didn’t happen over the weekend, heat some pasta Irma has left, play with the cat and do some reading before going to bed early.