Sunday, May 10

YEAR:  2015 | Tags:  | |

Itäväylä, 11:00


Today is Mother’s Day and I am out for a short pre-breakfast walk. The primary purpose of this is to get some roses from Plantagen, which I have done. I am noticing that the main road is almost completely deserted, as everyone gets into their special Mother’s Day routines.

I have bought Irma Rick Stein’s Indian cookery book, and Naa has bought her an automatic foot scraper.

After breakfast Irma and Naa will go to see Irma’s parents and I will paint the new outdoor terrace. This will take me almost seven hours, much of it painting over my head, and I will finish with total body ache.

Irma and Naa will then arrive back and Irma will set to fixing the garden. Irma and Naa will move plants. We will all move the garden table into its new position, after laying stones down on the ground.

Irma will point out that the roads were as busy as rush hours when they drove back, confirming the special routines that everyone observes today.

Finally Naa and I will have showers one after the other, and both crawl into our respective beds as early as we can.