Wednesday, May 6

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Helsinginkatu, 9:50


This morning started with a birthday present from Irma: an ultimate man’s kit for smelling nice. I looked at the young man on the inside of the box but Irma kindly asked me not to attempt to look like that. I think it was the goatee beard and the topknot that she particularly had in mind.

After a brief visit to Arcada, I got the number 8 tram to the Cumulus hotel in Kallio where I collected Steve Thompson, writer, musician and community activist from Middlesborough. He is here on an Erasmus trip. After getting him a travel card, we are now waiting for the tram back to Arcada. I was genuinely surprised by the queue I saw on the way to the hotel and I am equally surprised now. There are at least 150 people queuing for bags of food, and the line is shuffling forward very slowly.

We will spend the morning talking and exchanging information. Nathalie will join us for lunch in Prakticum at midday. Today will be a buffet but it will be excellent as usual.

In the afternoon I wil supervise a book exam because Monica is still away ill; have a meeting with Liisa because she is back from being ill; and have a Skype meeting with Jutta who is staying away in case she becomes ill.

I will also make lots of detailed changes to the Omtänk website as I receive news from across Helsinki. The Swedish students have arrived, the team lists are being revised, and I now have the embed codes for the live video stream on Friday.

Steve will leave at about 16:00, after I have shown him ReittiGPS, so that he can navigate his way around Helsinki. I will leave shortly afterwards.