Monday, May 4

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Hameentie, 14:00


This morning Naa got up at 5:30 to start her summer job. She has work as a city gardener and she has to be at work in time to be driven to whatever place she will spend the day weeding. She had breakfast silently and then left on her bike to the metro.

I got up at 7:30 and left for Arcada. In the morning I wrote two lectures for the summer course and recorded one of them. Sometime after 10:00 I noticed an old man in a red jacket walking up and down a patch of grass outside the building.

At 12:00 I went to have lunch. It was cauliflower cheese with mashed potato, which made it the palest, least colourful dish in the history of cooking.

The weather is bright and sunny, although not very warm. I have just looked out to see that some of the students are doing some task under the trees. I can also see that the old man in red is still pacing up and down the same piece of grass. He looks as though he is looking for something. Presumably, since he has been looking for it for nearly four hours, it must be something very important.

Perhaps he has lost his keys. On the other hand, perhaps he is simply thinking. Either way, he is very tenacious.

At 14:30 I will look out of the window again and the man will be gone. I will have find out of he found what he was looking for (if he was in fact looking for anything), gave up, or simply wandered away.