Saturday, May 2

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The garden, 15:00


We woke up just before midday and Irma grabbed her iPad to calculate which coalition would form the new government, to be announced sometime this weekend.

I left the house for my daily thirty minute walk and turned back after approximately five metres. The ground was wet, the air was heavy with damp and I was convinced that it was about to start raining.

I had a shower instead, and then brunch. By the time we sat down to eat the rain was torrential. I was glad I had opted to get soaked while not wearing any clothes.

In the afternoon Irma and I cleaned the house thoroughly while the rain continued.

Now it is still raining. We are listening to Radio Suomi and finding more places to use Tolu. The cat came in utterly drenched and is now asleep in the cupboard.

In an hour Irma will drive to Stockmann while I vacuum-clean. The rain will finally run out of water at 17:00. It will receive a fresh delivery and restart a noisy downpour fifteen minutes later.

Irma will then decide that we should rent a dvd and we will drive to the shop we can never find. Inevitably we will end up driving through the Vuosaari tunnel on the way back, even though we both know that this should be completely unnecessary. We like the tunnel though, so it will feel fine.

The movie will be called The One I Love, and will be billed as a rom-com that you simply won’t believe. More accurately it will be a not-very-scary horror movie with two twists at the end that make no sense if you think about them for more than twenty seconds. We will all enjoy it though.