Thursday, April 16

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Itäkeskus bus station, 17:10


Today I spent the day with the Structuring Information group, who are part-way through their final epub project. We had the usual problems and a new addition: an exciting encoding issue that appeared to be logically impossible. A new frustration was added to the mix, to be catalogued, investigated, and avoided wherever possible.

After almost eight hours one student had finished a version of her project, one had almost finished, most were well on their way, and three had barely started.

Now I am on my way home. The wind has risen. The sky is filling with dark and impressive clouds. I am getting cold.

In the evening Sunshine will bring a mouse to the window and howl until we all come to look. It will then show us, put it down, and start eating it. This will be the first mouse of the year, as far as we know.