Tuesday, April 14

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Itäväylä & Riskutie, 19:50


This morning the bus, metro and tram all arrived just as I arrived at the stop. I made the journey from home to Arcada in twenty five minutes, which might be a record.

I spent the morning with the CMS group, whose accounts have all been frozen by HostMonster because of our “excessive use” of database tables. I attempted to clear the problem at the beginning of the month, when they first notified me, but HostMonster never answered my request to check again. Instead they took the domain offline yesterday, and mailed me to tell me. I complained and they answered asking for proof of my identity. I replied and had no more responses.

I sent them another email this morning, then cleared all the remaining databases not currently in use, and mailed them again to tell them.

Naa arrived for lunch which was uunimakkara. I introduced her to the librarians who were very happy for her to work in the library in the afternoon, which she did.

I spent the afternoon with the Structuring Information group, who began their final ebook project. I also had a lengthy phone conversation with Goran from Linda.com and wrote Lasse and Nathalie a lengthy email detailing the outcomes.

At 17:00 I attended the monthly Pixelache meeting which had two unexpected results. The idea of inviting Zero Waste Project to run a workshop was moved up and agenda and reconfigured as part of a relaunched Signals From The South programme. 

Pixelache will provide funding for them to come as part of a SFTS festival in early Spring 2016, and this will form part of a larger reapplication, based on the work Nathalie and I did last year,next autumn.

Several people also suggested that I should go to see Tallinn Day on Friday 25th, for a host of reasons, including the fact that it is good fun if the weather is good. This arose as part of a conversation about Pixelache’s Festival, which will no longer feature Zero Waste Project’s lectures and demonstrations at Arcada, and my wondering aloud what, if anything, we should put there instead.

I don’t think they see this as an official visit, just “relevant enjoyment”.

Now I am almost home. The weather as not been awful, as predicted, and the rain has failed to appear. Clouds are beginning to form but not soon enough to bother me.

Twelve hours later I will still not have received any response from HostMonster.