Monday, April 13

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Toukolankatu, 14:40


This morning was the first early start for ten days, and I was ready for it, after a long night’s sleep in which I didn’t wake every few hours. In part this was because I had grouped all the tasks I have to do today into logical groups and assigned each one an hour in my diary, with fairly detailed notes. I was up at 7:30 and on the bus at 7:53.

I spent the morning doing all these tasks which concerned my doctorate, Pixelache, Omtänk, the summer course, my French lecture, Erasmus visitors, a presentation for the meeting this afternoon, and random mail from students about assignments. By midday they were all done.

Jutta and I went to K-Kauppa to get stuff for lunch and to take an opportunity to catch up on what each other are doing.

At 13:15 we had a team meeting in the board room at Corhuset, because Pluti needed to attend and can apparent exist in that building without his allergies kicking in. It was actually nice going for a short walk and I would be happy doing this regularly. One thing one can say with certainty about Nathalie is that she is fanatically good at pacing discussions in meetings so that the meeting finishes on time. The meeting was supposed to finish at 14:30 and it did.

Now we are walking back. The weather forecast was interestingly wrong. We are not having the predicted cold patch but seem to be reverting back to the hot Spring weather we had on Saturday.

I will spend the afternoon preparing for this week’s classes which will occupy nearly all of my time from 9:15 tomorrow until it is time to shout “Stop!” and run away to start the weekend.