Monday, April 6

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Carrer de Mata, Barcelona, 10:15


We had a disturbed night’s sleep, but at 9:45 Naa tells us that Sampo’s plane has arrived twenty minutes early, and he will be at the metro station soon. She and I leave to meet him.

Now we are back at the Happy Homes apartment block.

While doing this we will spot an open supermarket. “Supermarket” is apparently a local technical term for “very small shop”. Irma and I will return there to explore and buy stuff for brunch.

In the afternoon we will go for a long walk. We will go to the Meremagnum shopping mall, over a very busy bridge over the sea,  and then walk back up Paral-lel, stopping at a tiny bar for a beer.

Later still we will go to Carrefours for a lot of shopping. I will discover that they sell wine at 0.68€ a litre. Irma will forbid me to buy any, on the grounds that “wine” may be a local technical term for something we won’t recognise as wine.

On the way home we will stop at a bar that holds twelve people, has three customers and us, and is run by an old Spanish woman who sits with her back to everyone, watching television. We will pause there for cava.

Later Irma will cook tuna pasta for us, once we have worked out how the cooker works. In truth we will never work out how the cooker works. The oven will remain a mystery and we will approach the rings like members of a cargo cult.

Before we go to bed everyone else will point out that my face is bright red. They may be right.