Monday, March 30

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Itäväylä, 8:10


I got up at 7:30 and looked out of the window. It was snowing proper snow.

Now I am at the bus stop where I have been waiting sixteen minutes for a bus. The 93 either never came or is about fifteen minutes late. I will never find out because the 97 will come in about three minutes and I will get on that.

I will have a lot waiting for me at Arcada. I will need to do with two Erasmus applications and a sudden burst of activity at Pixelache which I missed last week. I will record my next lecture for the online course and then check it for faults.

I will deal with a major issue that has arisen at HostMonster. Apparently we have somehow breached their 1000 database tables per account limit. I cannot imagine how until I check the statistics and then I can. Someone has been doing something odd, and I will need to find out who it is and what they have been doing. All the student databases are between 0.5 and 2 MB, except for one which is 337MB.

I will check all my invoices from Odense and submit them through M2, a task which would make a grown man weep. I know because I was that grown man.

Finally I will race off into what is now thick snow, and still falling.