Saturday, March 28

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Sundö, 15:00


We had a late Saturday brunch, and then left for Sundö. Camilla had invited us to see the sheep.

The weather was fine until we had stopped to wait for the ferry. I got out to take a photograph and it started raining.

Now we are looking at the lambs, whose names will all start with X this year. (Last year they started with W and next year they will start with Y. This is not an easy year for naming sheep!)

We have looked round our summer house, and everything seems as it should be. However, as Irma pointed out, you can really sense the presence of Auo there; more so than in Helsinki.

Soon we will be in the farmhouse eating sandwiches and cakes and drinking beer and coffee.

In the evening Irma will make a very tasty chicken and rice dish, and we will talk and not talk until it is time to sleep.