Saturday, March 21

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Fredrikinkatu, 17:20


Up late and into the shower. Naa’s ear had started bleeding in the night in what is hopefully the beginning of the end of her flu.

She got a phone call to tell her that she had got a summer job with Spara, as one of the teams keeping the parks and public spaces full of flowers and free of weeds. She was very happy. Summer jobs are very scarce this year, and she has one!

After brunch Irma went to Prisma and I vacuum cleaned. Then I left for Vanessa’s second birthday party. Vanessa is Susanna and Arto’s daughter. Susanna is Irma’s niece. I had two big Duplo sets in a carrier bag.

Now I have left and am on my way home. Susanna and Arto live very near the round church where they got married. This is a huge tourist attraction; big enough to provide business for four souvenir shops. This is one of them.

When I get home I will make spinach soup for Naa and I. 

Irma will have gone to some work-related event where she will intend her presence to be as short as possible. Naa and I will wait for her while Sinshine eats his way through a huge bowl of fresh meat.