Friday, March 13

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Midair, 17:30


Naa and I left early so that she would be in time for her English Comprehension exam. She was not very confident about this one, because she was worried that the questions would be filled with words she had never heard of.

I started my day at Arcada with a lengthy Skype meeting with Jutta. We worked out the teaching hours for next year, I reported them to Nathalie, and then we reworked them to incorporate her suggestions.

At 10:15 I met Mirko and we re-recorded my first lecture. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with the script and it is now eight minutes long. I had a tickle on my throat and I couldn’t get it right. I didn’t have time to listen to the final version, but I left feeling it was decidedly sub-standard.

Ho hum.

I had lunch and made backups. Then I left for the airport. I spoke with Naa and she was completely uncertain as to how the exam went.

Now we are halfway between Helsinki and London. I am in seat 27C.

There will be a fifteen minute queue for immigration and then I will travel uneventfully to what used to be the hotel. It is now “undergoing renovation” which means I am staying in a building site.

I will go to Tesco to get water and other supplies and then, by 21:30 local time, I will take my clothes off and climb into a double bed big enough to fill the room.

To put this another way, I am staying in a double bed sized room.