Sunday, March 8

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The garden, 13:00


We had brunch at midday, and I decided to cycle to Gigantti afterwards for a product that I have imagined but assume must exist.

Now I am stopping on the way to examine the remains of some snow that now looks like a map of an unknown world.

Nobody at Gigantti will know what I am talking about. I am looking for a tripod for my iPad so that I can use it when I am taking movies next weekend. I am imagining something with a padded vice on the top. No such thing exists apparently. Clas Ohlson will have something almost similar to what I have in mind but it will cost 70€, which is a price I certainly don’t have in mind.

Finally I will try Expert. They have a clear plastic block with two grooves for holding the tablet at different viewing angles. Next to this will be a range of Lego keyrings and torches. “Ah, Lego”, I will think.

I will race home, get Auo’s Lego out of the shed, and sit down to build myself a new stand. Irma and Naa will go to visit Irma’s mother.

Auo and I built a stand a couple of years ago to hold my old iPad in portrait position when I used the bluetooth keyboard. I will start out building a second stand to hold the tablet in landscape mode, before realising that I could try to build a replacement stand that works both ways. 

After a couple of hours I will have one I am happy with. It seems very solid, the iPad never fell out during tests, it looks okay, and it is pretty compact.

Irma will return to make home-made uunimakkara.

After dinner she will decide that we should walk down to the sea to try to feed the ducks in the dark. The walk will be pleasant but the ducks will fail completely to notice the bread.