Thursday, March 5

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Hameentie, 8:40


The tram stopped at Vallila to let people off and then sat there. People started mumbling. We could see a tram stopped at the stop further down the hill. Eventually the driver asked everyone to get off.

Now I am walking to work. There are lines of trams in both directions, with people getting out of yhem in the middle of the highway. The electricity has failed in the overhead wires either side of Vallila.

It will be thirty to forty minutes before the lines of trams makes its way past Arcada towards Arabia. I will watch them out of the window while I am teaching.

I will spend from 9:15 until 17:00 with the first year Structuring Information course, running through a set of exercises in XML. I will leave for home with my head spinning.

At home I will remember to buy some milk, and then sweep all the spring gravel from the hallway, where it arrives on the bottom of people’s shoes.