Monday, March 2

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Itäkeskus bus station, 16:50


Today Naa had maths so I left the house alone. Naa intending staying at school  for the day to revise.

I spent the morning planning the next set of courses. I decided to introduce some JSON into the XML course, just in case people find it a bit old-fashioned.

I wrote a series of replies to a series of emails, and had cheese and crispbread for lunch. It was accompanied by an avocado, the sale of which should probably have been a criminal offence. Presumably there are some customers who think this is what avocado is supposed to be like: an over-ripe mess on the verge of rotting.

In the afternoon I reread some of my own php and altered it for Oliver at his request. Then I changed some of the slides for my online lecture and left.

Dane will install the version of Adobe Premiere that I need on my laptop overnight.

I noticed at about 13:00 that it was pouring with rain. It still is. After being drizzled on at the tram stop, I am sitting on the bus waiting to get home. 

The bus driver will fail to stop at my stop despite my bell-pressing and so I will get off at the gas station. Miraculously the rain will ease off for ten minutes.

Sunshine will not be so lucky. He will arrive shortly after me, soaking wet.