Saturday, February 28

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Vartiokylä, 11:00


We got up late and I went for a walk.

I am only walking for a short while but I am happy to see that the snow has now almost completely gone.

This afternoon Irma will take Niilia to the cinema to see Paddington. I will promise to go to Prisma for a bottle of wine, before she leaves. I will then realise that this is the ideal weather to get my bike out for the first time since last Autumn.

I will cycle there and back, and then do some house-cleaning. When Irma returns she will point out that it is not a very high-scoring bout of cleaning, since it seems to have missed a number of areas that, coincidentally, are where the dirt is. I will suggest that I might redo it tomorrow.

In the evening we will watch the Eurovision Song Contest finals – the ones that decide the Finnish entry. This year’s entry is a ninety second song by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, a hard punk band who all have Down Syndrome and/or autism. They rock, and are alarmingly likely to win.

I would be interested to see what approach Graham Norton adopts to them.