Thursday, February 26

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Rohdinkuja, 7:50


This morning Naa and I got up in time, and coordinated our movements beautifully. We left the house on time to discover that there was no ice at all anymore on the drive. Now we are walking to the bus along a road that was an icy test of skill less than a week ago.

Naa will go to school for an extra maths lesson, before coming to Arcada for lunch. Her maths teacher has agreed to provide a series of extra classes and at least six of the class are attending them voluntarily. I am not surprised because I have realised recently how complex the maths Naa has been studying actually is. In fact, we have both agreed that I cannot help her with it because, frankly, I cannot do most of it myself. I spent some time yesterday evening looking at a set of old exam papers, alongside sheets showing the methods for getting the correct answers, and I still did not understand how to do 90% of the questions.

When I was at school I stopped doing maths well before the level Naa is revising, and only managed to just scrape through my Maths O Level. The maths I know I taught myself in my thirties when I became interested in programming. This means I am highly competent in certain small areas, and woefully ignorant in most others, and that my areas of competence do not follow any kind of syllabus. Matrix maths? Yes. Trigonometry? No.

I will get off the metro at Sörnäinen and go straight to Arcada to begin turning my artwork into a complex, timed Powerpoint show that I can narrate over.

In the afternoon I will wrestle with the Social Gaming groups, trying to get them to finalise their ideas and to see the flaws in them. To differing extents they will.