Wednesday, February 25

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Sörnäinen, 8:20


The snow cleared rapidly while we were in Poland, and even more so in the last twenty four hours. The ground is now almost clear and dry. I am beginning to feel too warm in my winter jacket, although it is not quite time to put it away yet.

I will start by sending an abstract to NordMedia, because we have all been asked to submit abstracts to conferences and papers to journals. This is part of my plan to rewrite my thesis as a series of interlocking essays and then finally as a non-linear series of online documentaries.

At 9:30 I will have a final tutorial with a student who wants help applying for a job, which includes help in filling in a LinkedIn profile and advice about what else he should put online in order to “be impressive”. I will point out that if he had completed his online portfolio in my course in Year 1 he would already have everything he now needs. He will explain that he didn’t know that then, and I will smile an unamused smile.

I will spend the rest of the morning compiling visual material for the online lecture I am supposed to be recording on Friday. I will spend the afternoon with the Social Gaming group, who are now working silently in small groups. I will leave them from time to time to continue the more inspiring business of assembling visuals in Photoshop to turn later into a Powerpoint show.

At 16:30 I will ask the Social Gaming group to take stock of what they have done so far and what still needs to be done.

Irma will arrive home late, having spent the afternoon with another delegation from Korea, coming to look at the civic organisation of Helsinki. She is very good in those sorts of situations, and enjoys them. These may be connected.

Sunshine will demonstrate that he knows that Spring is almost here by arriving home very late for the second day in a row.