Sunday, February 22

YEAR:  2015 | Tags:  | | |

Al. Jerozolimskie 57, 14:00


This morning we were up early and feeling happy after our marathon sleep. We were in plenty of time for breakfast and settled-in enough to opt for a more modest one.

After this we packed and left our suitcases in storage, before heading out to do some shopping. The mall was stiflingly hot and most of the underground kiosks in the central square were closed. Walking back towards the hotel to drop off some packages we came across this door where people were entering. Where people enter we do to, and so we did.

We will find ourselves inside a tiny little artisan food market in a building that has either been squatted or handed over to activists without any repair. In the upper floors we wander around and find arts projects and dress designers. On the lower floors we buy cheeses and hand-cured meats.

At 17:30 we will collect our luggage and get a car to the airport. At 23:32 (I noticed the time when I set my alarm) I will be taking less than two minutes to fall asleep at home.