Thursday, February 19

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Somewhere over Europe, 18:00


This morning I began designing the slides for the first block of the MOOC. The process worked interestingly and revealingly. I had made a script which included annotations about the slides. As I began to make them better ideas occurred to me, and the slides began to flow together and to make cross-references. As I did this I began to rewrite the script to take account of all of this.

I could only do this because I was doing both tasks. I spotted immediately why this works better than writing a script and handing it over to a designer. I found this an interesting insight to the process of creating works like comic books.

After lunch I made backups of everything I could think of, and then left for home.

Irma and I drove to the airport, sailed through security with our boarding cards on our phones and boarded a flight to Warsaw. Now we are three quarters of the way there, looking out over a mid-air dusk.

We will be in the Polonia Palace hotel by 19:00 and then sitting in the front table at the C.K. Oberza restaurant we visited last year. The food will be as large as we remember. I will have a plate of sausages and various other meat, with cabbage and a baked potato.

We will go for a walk afterwards and then we will get back to the hotel where I will fall asleep in seconds.