Wednesday, February 18

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Sörnäinen, 16:30


Naa came with me again this morning and sat reading and making notes. I revised the draft script for the video for the first section of the first module of the Storytelling & Experience Design course that Erik and Inare creating.

Yesterday I had created notes for every lecture I will be giving in Evernote, and today I made a kanban-like project in Pocket Informant. I realised that I have to write and record fourteen six minute videos in about ten weeks, while continuing to do everything else.

At 12:00 we went for lunch at China Flavor wit Jutta, Tomas and Ulrikka, the Estonian researcher. Maria was right: they do have suchi on Wednesdays. Naa was delighted and she and Jutta had more sushi than one would have imagined humanly possible.

In the afternoon I began assembling the visual material for the lecture. Naa left at 15:30 to for Kammpi to do some shopping for mummi, and I began to make some sketches. I left at 16:20, determined not to be the last person in the room.

Now I am off the tram and on my way to the metro. I had a front seat in one of the very new trams. I am not sure if I like it more or less than the older ones.