Friday, February 13

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Coffee Lounge, Arcada, 13:30


Naa was at Samppo’s, recovering from yeaterday. The bus was missing all the usual eighteen and nineteen year old students. Maybe they were all at Samppo’s.

I spent the morning writing notes about this week’s work with Erik, and gathering the information for the first section of the MOOC that I intend filming. Erik and I exchanged a series of rapid emails in connection with the notes.

Now, after a quick lunch of cheese and spinach pizza, I am in the coffee lounge waiting for Christa. We are about to have an eight minute meeting that will work out how the course that Erik and I are finalising can also count as a Nobanet cross-border assignment.

In a couple of hours I will host today’s Nobanet WP7 online meeting. Things will be decided. Things will move forward.

In the evening Irma will unilaterally decide that we should go out. I will be amused and willing.

At 22:00 she will be blow-drying my hair. At midnight I will be dancing in DTM, Helsinki’s biggest gay club. At 2:00 I will be sleeping in a corner of DTM.

Later I will be eating at Burger King and / or drinking coffee at Bar 9. Later still I will be sleeping harmlessly in a taxi home.