Thursday, February 12

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Aleksanterinkatu, 13:10


Today is Naa’s last official school day and she has a lot to do. We got up at 7:00, ate quietly and left. We were a couple of minutes late for the bus, but the bus was a couple of minutes late; so all was well.

I spent the morning with Erik and by lunchtime we finished all the tasks that we had intended to do this week. I left him at Arcada exploring the wonders of the lunch restaurant while I headed for the city centre.

Now I am opposite Stockmann with Irma watching all the teenagers finishing school today driving round in trucks throwing candy at spectators. This is a Finnish tradition, and we stand waiting for Naa’s class to pass in their hand-decorated truck. Here they are, and there is Naa dressed as Minnie Mouse.

When they have passed and we have collected pockets full of candy, we will return to the metro. Irma will return to her meeting in Kontula and I will return to Arcada to hear the Social Gaming game concepts being presented. My reaction to the presentations will be to schedule an extra session for next Tuesday where they will take the very little that they have so far and work at breakneck speed to turn it into something more nearly resembling a game concept.

Erik will leave to spend a couple of hours recovering in his hotel. I will meet him there at 18:00 and we will walk down to Senate Square and along to Byggeri, a restaurant with its own microbrewery that Irma recommended. THis will turn out to be hosting 120 people for a private function. We will sit in the bar for four minutes sampling the home brews and Erik will declare the wheat beer to be positively delicious.

We will then walk to Havis where we will get a seat a a small quiet room, and have the set menu with two beers.