Saturday, February 7

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Garden, 15:30


We have had a traditional late weekend breakfast. I am outside behind the house looking at the red currant bushes in the snow. The frame has been pulled apart by the snow as usual.

Later Irma will go shopping and then drive Naa to Kallio where she is meeting her class. They will be plotting their end of school activities, because their final day of school is next Thursday.

Irma and I will eat home-made chicken pasta.

We will spend the evening watching the first semi-final of the tv show to choose Finland’s Eurovision song contest. The favourites are Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, a punk band comprising four members with Down syndrome, two of whom are also autistic. Their self-penned song is called Aina mun pitää which, if I am correct, translates as I Always Have To.

They will get through to the finals.