Monday, February 2

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Itäväylä, 7:35


Naa and I left early, through a downfall of what was either snowy slush or slushy snow. The bus is late and the weather is awful.Behind me, a number of people are huddled in the rear corner of the bus shelter.

I will spend the day in meetings. I will meet with Liisa about Omtänk, and about the social gaming course. I will meet with Nathalie and Filip about I will meet with Tommy, Liisa and Nathalie about the Big Weekend, which will be delayed to next year. I will meet with Andrej to discuss the course that starts tomorrow.

I will walk home through about five centimetres of wet slush. The weather is cold enough to stop it melting completely and warm enough to stop it freezing.

Naa will arrive home about 20:00 from her journalism course.