Friday, January 30

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Kontulapiste, 18:30


A lot got done today.

In the morning I had a short meeting with Liisa in which we sorted out what we are both going to do in our next courses and how we are going to tie tyem together. I then sat down; timetabled a meeting for Monday with Nathalie, Tommy, Liisa and me; and wrote a paper for the meeting called The Big Weekend.

I met Andrew for lunch at Arcada, Prakticum’s restaurant being closed on Fridays. He is back from France for ten days. We worked out a lot of ideas related to the Pixelache festival. I wrote a paper for John and Aggy afterwards.

At 14:00 I had a Nobanet working party meeting using Zoom. We made a series of lightning fast decisions, and I wrote them up afterwards and circulated then to everyone who might conceivably be interested. I also replied to an email from Eija.

Now Irma and I are at part of an exhibition of political photography. This is an adjunct: the main part is at the Museum of Photography. The photographs of the bags are by Sara Hornig from her series Our Daily Bread. They show the bags people are carrying away from a free food collection point. These “temporary” collection points are now a permanent fixture in Helsinki.

Later, at home, I will compose a tongue twister: shape shifting sheiks are like sheep.

Later still, Irma will tell me how hard she is finding it coming to terms with Auo’s death. This will lead into something unnecessary and unpleasant because both of us still feel very raw and vulnerable and, in these circumstances, signals easily get confused.