Tuesday, January 27

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Kalasatama, 16:30


The day started at Arcada at 8:30. The day really started Kallio at 10:00, when I met Otso at Robust North’s headquarters. Andrej joined me and we spent two hours looking at, and talking about, their pretty amazing augmented reality app. They would like to work with Arcada on a long term basis, using us as a kind of research lab; and I would like that too.

I left with two projects clearly in mind: a social game for Omtänk in May, and a geo-game for the Pixelache festival in September.

At 13:30 I left Arcada again for Suvilahti for a meeting of Pixelache’s festival group, where I explained the geo-game idea to universal enthusiasm. The enthusiasm might have been coloured by a large amount of relief: relief that I was volunteering to produce a game to bind the decentralised festival together before anyone else was co-opted into doing it.

Andrew is back from France for a week, and now that the meeting is over John has suggested that the three of us to for a quick drink in Kellohalli, a café in the Heino compound that is apparently run by the city.

Now we are here it turns out to have a private booking. I photograph an interesting structure outside instead.

Andrew and John will wander off in the sudden snow, while I will walk down to the metro. By the time I get home I will be walking through a slow snowstorm.