Thursday, January 22

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Brixton Village, 13:30


I had a disturbed night. Being supposed to wake at 5:00 I woke at 3:30 and hardly got any more sleep. I crept out as quietly as I could and waited for the 841.

This had caused Naa much mirth last night because the drivers of the 841 seem to treat the timetable as a score to improvise around. This time the bus was late but not quite late enough for me to miss the 519 to the airport.

Irma had left me a sandwich and as I sat at the gate eating it I found myself appreciating it a lot. I thought: I am going to ask for a sandwich every time I travel!

The flight was notable for two things. Firstly, I had a large English rugby playing next to me, snoring and trying to occupy as much of my seat as he could. Secondly, the blonde one of Dudesonit was in first class with his family, acting just like he does on television.

By 11:00 I was on Victoria trying to find Luke’s workspace. Shortly afterwards I was sitting talking with Luke and James about their new venture Airborne.

Now Luke and I have arrived at Brixton by underground, and are wandering around looking for lunch. Going upmarket? I should say so. We will have sourdough pizzas at Franco Manca’s.

We will wander round Streatham talking in the afternoon, and leave to see Jack and Denise at about 19:00.

Their ground-floor flat is small but very nice and in a very impressively redeveloped area. Everyone will be genuinely delighted with their presents. Denise will make pasta, we will all chat until midnight, and I will manage to get Casey to sleep. This is apparently not an easy task.

At midnight Luke will show me Uber in action. From the consumer end it is fantastic. Luke knows some drivers and says that they like it too. I will be impressed by the way no money changes hands.