Tuesday, January 20

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Arcada, A306, 12:00


Naa was at Kamppi so I left alone. It had been snowing slightly.

In the morning I organised some of the Nobanet stuff, and tried to recruit some new members for the group; made some progress with some of the things that Erik and I need to do for the online course; and talked with Andrej about Social Gaming, which starts soon. I completed Week 1 of the Serious Gaming MOOC that Jutta, Erik and I are taking. I also bought a digital copy of Gamestorming, an O’Reilly book we have been using on a course.

Now I am looking out of the window and I have noticed that it has started snowing very hard: great big flakes and lots of them. Everything has turned monochrome. It will continue like this for an hour or so and then tail off.

In the afternoon I will do Week 2 of the Serious Games Design MOOC and email Erik about it. Both Jutta and I are finding it very dull and I find this inspiring. The bar for Erik and I is obviously much lower than I thought. Finally I will remind Nathalie to email Lynda.com about campus licences, since this seems suddenly to be a possible route for us to go in.