Tuesday, January 13

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Suvilahti, 19:30


Naa and I left through thick snow at 7:30. It had been snowing heavily all night and almost all the work I had done over the weekend had vanished. The snow completely covered my boots up to my ankles as I stepped out the front door.

Tomas was at an all-day meeting and I spent most of the day answering unpredictable questions from students in the middle of their Innovations research.

In between this I answered mail and wrote various short papers. I also ate trout in curry and sour cream sauce for lunch, skipping the potatoes in order to pretend I was on a high protein, low carbohydrate diet.

At 16:20 I left for the monthly Pixelache meeting. I walked through the snow and got there just in time. At 19:00 some people left for the pub and some proposed a second meeting whose business would interest me. I sent Irma two messages to explain

In doing this I scrolled back through her message stream and found the short chain of messages from January 11, 2014, when Irma was in hospital watching Auo getting better. I have no memory of these and didn’t even realise they existed.

I don’t think I said anything during the meeting.

Now I am walking to Kalasatama metro. In front of me are some lights whose purpose may be art.

There will be a strange argument at Itäkeskus as the driver leaves by the wrong route. There will be much shouting and the driver, having stopped the bus halfway round a roundabout, will insist the bus is a 97V while everyone else will loudly assert that is a 97.

Eventually the driver will concede that he may be wrong, circle the roundabout back into the bus station, and start again.

As I arrive home I will find a scene of snowy devastation. The front drive looks like craters. I will spend an hour and a bit clearing it. Irma had already done most of the paths so I finished in time to have a shower and a few moments relaxation.