Wednesday, January 7

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A306, Arcada, 14:40


Naa and I got up at 7:00 for the first official work and school day of 2015. Naa was due to have her preliminary maths exam and I was due to start an intensive course on innovation that I am co-leading with Tomas.

The course went fine. We held it in the main auditorium and I managed to get all the media working. The students showed their Trello boards and then we grouped them using a Popplet that had short phrases s themes from the presentations. When this ended I found Dane who installed the iPad config files so that I could get wifi. Dane got me onto Eduroam and I did the rest.

Lunch was whitefish fillets and I replaced the potatoes with a lot of salad.

The course continued after lunch as Tomas gave a short lecture on creativity and then challenged the groups to invent a new sport and demonstrate it to everyone else tomorrow morning.

Now I am sitting at my desk and looking out of the window. I have just realised that there is something seriously wrong with my laptop. It keeps claiming that there is not enough memory to complete the operation when it is doing something that should cause no issues at all: like copying a two page Word document from one folder to another. I have run my anti-malware program which has quarantined six files and now I am running ClamWin to check for viruses.

Looking out of the window I have taken a photo with my iPad, resized it in Photoshop Express and uploaded it to WordPress using PUPS. I am, at least, testing a new workflow that I will demonstrate as part of a course in Period 4.