Tuesday, March 20

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Arcada, 19:45

I received an email yesterday asking for some notes from the lecture I gave Riita’s students, because she had missed it. I decided to send her copies of the two book chapters from last year. I woke up in the middle of the night realising that I could use this as an excuse to take the time to post the chapters on here, and send her the urls.

Today has been a spectacularly productive day. By 9:00 I had formatted and uploaded the two chapters, and filled in the details on the About page. By 10:00 I had ironed out all the kinks in the epub routine I was intending to teach this morning. By 14:00 I had a class full of students who had all made a preliminary epub out of my Urban No-Mind paper, with an assignment for next week that called for them to work on the finer details of the ebook: the cover, the title page, the chapter headings, and so on.

I decided to do my own version now, while I was still thinking about it, and by 17:00 I had paid off my final Elisa phone bill, and was looking at a finished ebook on my iPad. Importantly, I had created a cover that worked on the iPad, and as a thumbnail, and is usable as a template for the whole intended series.

I sat through a Pixelversity meeting online, and then immediately afterwards I had a long Skype talk with John Lester, who agreed to be a member of my Tutorial Group. Now I am walking the empty corridors at Arcada, taking a break. Next I will read through the pre-assignments we set the Masters course, and then I will go home.